Whole food supplements


Here we will talk about whole food supplements: that food supplements are preparations

from natural food and its prepared centrally that consists of fiber, amino acids and fatty.

The goal of whole food supplements is to supply the diet with nutrients such as vitamins,

minerals, fiber, and herbs that may be missing in a person’s diet or may not be consumed

in sufficient quantities. There are those who point out these supplements are as foods,

other refer to it as medicine but the whole food supplements contain natural ingredients

that it is sold in several forms such as pills, powder or drinks and it is classified as foods, not as medicine.

whole food supplements  

Therefore, food supplements are not subject to the conditions of the

manufacture of strict medicines and it does not carry out tests and

research through the pharmaceutical, supplements are not a cure for

diseases and no Substitute for medication.

Types of whole food supplements: 

There are many types of whole food  supplements, including whey, egg whites, meat serum,

and other types of creatine:



is the one type of whole food supplements that it is one of the most important substances in

the formation of living cells of humans which are complex substances and usually there are

food supplements of proteins and provided to athletes who do not fill the need for proteins

in the normal food.there are 5 types of protein in whole food supplements:

  1. A) Whey Protein: It is one of the most useful types for easy absorption of the body
  2. and its essential for bodybuilders after exercise because at this time the body needs
  3. more protein as it digested at high speed in 30 minutes.
    whole food supplements
  4. B) Egg Protein: Its absorption speed is medium from 1.5 to 3 hours and is good at any time to supply the body with protein and amino acids.
  5. C) Casein Protein: this type of protein is extracted from cheese Preferably taken it during the period of sleep because the body needs a long time to absorb it.
  6. D) Soy Protein: It is used by vegetarians because it is one of the only full protein sources derived from plants good general protein but not as effective as whey protein or egg protein but has many recognized health benefits for women.
  7. E) Weight Gainers: This protein will gain weight because of its high calories in addition to carbohydrate, fat and high protein content that it is the only one that will satisfy this purpose.
whole food supplements
whole food supplements

2- Creatine: 

It is the one type of whole food supplements that to significantly amplify the muscles and give the energy to perform intensive exercises and to know that creatine capsule better than the powder in order to determine the amount and because the capsule saves’s creatine from digestion within the stomach by isolating from the acidic.

3- Glutamine:

It is the one type of whole food supplements that strengthen physical performance and

functioning of the immune system. It is important to treat stomach ulcers, various types

of fibrosis and acute arthritis. Supports and improves physical, mental and overall mood.

Maintains the chemical balance in the blood. Helps build muscles and their flexibility to

perform their functions. Effectively supports erectile function in men. It is considered one

of the most intense amigo acids in muscle tissue. It prevents the demolition of muscle

tissue and re-destroys it originally. Improves brain performance and concentration.

Available in two types, either powder or capsule.

4- Multi-Vitamin:

It is the one type of whole food supplements that the whole group of vitamins seems

essential but forgotten and very simple. But it is very important because it is impossible

to get all the vitamins in full of your food in one day.

whole food supplements

5- Natural Testosterone Boosters:

It is the one type of whole food supplements that it is raising this hormone helps you to gain muscle and improve mood in addition to keeping the sex instinct healthy and in the best condition.

6- Nitric Oxide:

It is the one type of whole food supplements that this gas is used to connect to other body cells and Increases the bloodstream and pump it to deliver more nutrients

to the muscles and helps to amplify them remarkably. Benefits of this gas: energy, training,

incentives and intensity in exercise – mental alertness and concentration – increase muscle

blood pumping strength and energy, resistance to muscle fatigue – blood flow and connecting

oxygen – nutrients to muscles and tissues – raising the levels of nitric oxide in a healthy

and natural increase muscle and tissue on the work of anaerobic and thus prevents

muscle tension is available in two types of powder and capsule.

7- ZMA:

It is the one type of whole food supplements that an advanced system of amigo acid

glutamine and increases muscles size. Its mineral formula scientifically activated

to contain the zinc and magnesium and vitamin B6 as the composition can raise

the levels of histone up to 30% in addition to the activation of hormones.

whole food supplements

8- HMB:

It is the one type of whole food supplements that helps not to break muscle cells. The body rid of the fat and increases energy and muscle strength and stability in 7 days and proved its results in the sport of bodybuilding and has a role in the formation of muscle tissue.

9- Amino Acids:

It is the one type of whole food supplements that it is important in building protein in

the body and helps to build, compensate, renew the body and supply it with energy

and therefore, it is necessary to get them from food or added. Amino acids are essential

for the work of hormones, enzymes, antibodies, food, and nerve signals in the body,

which is important for the health of ligaments and tendons and useful for hair and nails.

Supports the health of the heart, lungs, and prostate and is very important to maintain

the balance of nitrogen in the body is important to meet the excessive muscle effort

and reduce the chances of cirrhosis of the liver and the formation of ketone urea in

the blood and helps absorb nutrients from the intestines.

10- Hormonal stimuli:

It is  the one type of whole food supplements that it increases natural protein synthesis,

nitrogen retention, GH stimulation as well as other hormones so the body can absorb

protein more than usual.

11- Fat Burners:

It is the one type of whole food supplements that it helps burn fat and rid the body of them.

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