What are the best health supplements?

health supplements
health supplements

Health supplements for a person are related to what his body needs. There are many reasons that lead to a shortage of nutrients, and therefore the body will need to compensate this shortage by taking supplements. These health supplements work as an alternative for natural nutrients but were prepared and manufactured in laboratories.

Health supplements aim:

to complement the diet with nutrients such as vitamin, mineral, fiber, fatty acids and amino acids that may be missing in a person’s diet or may not be consumed in sufficient quantities. Some countries consider health supplements as foods, while others consider them to be natural medicines or health products.

Here are the most important health supplements that our body needs.


  1. The best health supplements to be recommended :

    health supplements
    health supplements

Omega 3 fish oil:

Fish oil is from health supplements that are known to provide the body with the right amount of omega 3, which is a fatty acid needed by the body dramatically, and it is worth mentioning that even people who eat fish twice a week do not get the required amount of these acids. Thus, taking fish oil compensates this deficiency, and protects the body from some health problems such as heart disease and mental impairment.


Vitamin D:

health supplements
health supplements

Vitamin D is from health supplements that it is one of the most important nutrients needed by the body.

It helps in the absorption of calcium and stabilizes it in the bones also strengthens the immune system. So it is worth noting that vitamin D is one of the most difficult elements for the body to obtain.

Vitamin D can be obtained from sunlight, but when you go out in the sun, most parts of your body are covered with clothing. Other sources include milk, salmon, and sardines.


Whey protein:

health supplements
health supplements

Whey protein is from health supplements that in itself is not a necessary supplement to the body, but its importance comes from its content of amino acids that help muscles recover after exercise. It is also one of the most important sources of healthy calories that the body can benefit from. It is preferred when taking this supplement to add little fruit or nuts.



health supplements
health supplements

There are many types of bacteria in humans, some of them are useful and others are harmful. Probiotics are one of the best health supplements for the body which are used for it. They represent the bacteria that the body needs to promote digestion and absorption of food. Moreover, they have a role in improving the work of the immune system. In addition, these bacteria help to get rid of gas, bloating and abdominal pain.



  1. The best health supplements for weight gain:

health supplements
health supplements

There are many nutritional health supplements that help to gain weight, such as Serious Mass, True Mas and other supplements that contain large amounts of calories, protein, and creatine. The following are examples of food health supplements for weight gain.

True Mas:

It is a high-quality protein powder that athletes used it to increase calories which accelerate muscle growth in the long term, as it helps to raise and improve protein synthesis rates in the muscle. True Mas repairs damaged muscle tissue during intensive exercise, as well as participating in optimal muscle loading thanks to its combination of carbohydrates.


Serious Mas:

health supplements
health supplements

It is one of the most popular nutritional health supplements for bodybuilders because it provides the body with all the essential materials necessary to build the body.


Protein muscle juice:

Protein juice contains 55 grams of protein and this product extracted from (whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, calcium oxides, egg whites).


  1. The best health supplements for bodybuilding :

    health supplements
    health supplements

Whey protein :

mass, without increasing the proportion of fat. It exists naturally in our bodies, likewise a basic component of muscle cells.

Whey protein contains many nutrients, so athletes preferred to take it before exercise.

It made from natural dairy products, egg white, and calcium so no side effects.


Creatine :

This product is from health supplements that characterized by its ability to give the body a large muscle mass, without increasing the proportion of fat. It exists naturally in our bodies, as it is a basic component of muscle cells.


Glutamine :

This product from health supplements that helps to lose weight and burn more fat. In addition, it helps to slow the breakdown of muscles, and helps to strengthen the immune system.

health supplements
health supplements



  1. The best health supplements for men :

The men’s intake of dietary health  supplements contributes to the reduction of disease and strengthens the immune system, and the best supplements for men include:


The level of testosterone in men tends to decline with age, obesity, and stress. Men associated depression osteoporosis and obesity with low testosterone levels.

Zinc intake helps maintain testosterone levels in the blood and secretion of the lutein hormone, which stimulates testosterone production.

Antioxidants :

People can use many antioxidants to confront signs of aging, such as vitamin C and vitamin E.

Antibodies help to prevent cells damage caused by pollution, sun exposure, exercise, stress and natural metabolic processes in the body.


health supplements
health supplements

Sterol :

It is from the best health supplements that men need. Sterol helps regulate the immune system, as it prevents infection if the immune system is weak. If the immune system is active in the case of autoimmune diseases and allergies, it helps to make it less active. It also reduces and prevents damage to the joints. Taking sterols improves cholesterol levels, reducing the absorption of cholesterol in the small intestine.


 Vitamin D :

Vitamin D enhances the level of insulin, improves serotonin levels, strengthens the immune system, and helps in fat loss. Studies show a relation between low testosterone levels and vitamin D levels which indicates the importance of vitamin D for men in particular.


Coenzyme Q10 :

Coenzyme Q10 helps make you active throughout the day. For example, if you are a coffee drinker to overcome fatigue and tiredness, a CoenzymeQ10 pill may do the trick. A recent study shows that taking 100 milligrams of this health supplement for two months improves the energy level two times.


Green Tea Extract :

Green tea is the best substance to help burn fat. It contains the anti-oxidant EGG, which helps to increase metabolic rates and thus stimulate fat burning in the body.

Finally, the body needed many of the food health supplements.

They recommended with vitamin D, omega 3 and probiotics are the best food health supplements.

While there are health supplements that help to gain weight, including True Mas, Serious Mass, and Muscle Juice. Bodybuilders also need health supplements such as Whey protein, creatine, and glutamine. In addition, men need food health supplements such as zinc, antioxidants, sterol, and others

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