Hair Growth Vitamins

Hair Growth Vitamins

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11 Crucial Hair Growth Vitamins

Hair growth vitamins are crucial for keeping your hair look luscious, strong and bright.
If you’re not having an adequate amount of vitamins in your everyday meal, so consider taking hair growth vitamins.

Hair Growth Vitamins
Hair Growth Vitamins

Hair growth vitamins:

1- Vitamin B Complex:

The B vitamin complex is one of hair growth vitamins so it is important in many aspects, for many things taking place in your body like the nervous system health, bones, red blood cells production, energy production and for the skin and hair health too.

Here the family of vitamin B complex:

Thiamine or vitamin B1:

Helps to improve the blood circulation in the scalp. Which induces the hair growth and supplies the hair follicles with oxygen.


Riboflavin or vitamin B2

It’s an important vitamin because it activates vitamin B6 and B3 which both are very important  for hair growth vitamins

Niacin, Nicotinic Acid or vitamin B3

Hair Growth Vitamins
Hair Growth Vitamins

Improves blood circulation and reduces the scalp inflammation.
Helps fighting cholesterol which is usually causing hair loss.

Pantothenic acid or vitamin B5

It supports the adrenal gland which helps in the stimulation of hair growth.

Pyridoxine or vitamin B6

It has one important role which is helping in the reduction of baldness, by inhibiting the formation of dihydrotestosterone hormone.
Thus reducing the hair loss process.

Biotin or vitamin B7

Hair Growth Vitamins
Hair Growth Vitamins

It’s one of the important vitamins of the B vitamins when it comes to the health of skin and hair.
Its former name is vitamin H.
It’s responsible for the production of fatty acids which is responsible for rapid cell growth. It also makes hair stronger and thicker.
It contributes to the formation of melanin, which helps in the maintaining of the natural color of the hair, and so preventing the premature greyness of the hair.


Folate, Folic acid or vitamin B9

Folate or folic acid is responsible for the DNA formation and cell growth, so its obvious role is the production and synthesis of new hair follicles.
And also increases the length of the hair.

Cobalamin or B12

It’s an important component of the hair structure, so it contributes to an overall healthy hair.

Hair Growth Vitamins
Hair Growth Vitamins

2- Vitamin E:

It’s one of the important and renowned hair growth vitamins :

Acts as antioxidant helping in the repair and building tissues.
When applied directly to your scalp, it:
Reduces inflammation of the scalp.
Repairs damaged follicles.
Encourages hair growth.


3- Vitamin C:

It also acts as one of the important antioxidants in the body, it:
Helps fighting dandruff.
Helps fighting free radicals.
Prevents dryness and itching.
Helps in getting rid of the follicles debris, thus encouraging the new hair follicles growth.

4- Vitamin D:

Have a characteristic role in the hair growth cycle.
Helps in the absorption of calcium in the intestine, for healthy and strong hair.
Reduces stress and depression which both are hair loss precursors.

5- Vitamin A:

One of the great vitamins for the prevention of hair loss.
It acts as an antioxidant which helps in the protection from free radicals produced by the body.
Helps in the enhancing of the blood circulation.
Prevents wilting of hair follicles.
Prevents dryness of the scalp by producing healthy sebum. Sebum is the natural moisturizer of the scalp.

Hair growth vitamins supplements:

There are many vitamins in the market and most of them contain a mixture of the above-listed vitamins and other elements, like calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, and others.

Some of the important hair growth vitamins supplements on the market are:

* Hair Rush by Ultrax Labs.
* HairAnew (Unique Hair Formula with 5,000 Biotin per serving) by Naturenetics.
* HairFluence by Zhou.


Hair Growth Vitamins
Hair Growth Vitamins

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