Foods Avoid Diabetes .. Get to know 12 Types !!!

Foods avoid diabetes

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Foods Avoid Diabetes


Diabetes is a chronic disease, which means the high level of sugar in the blood of the normal rate, which results from the lack of transmission of glucose to the cells and tissues of the body, and stability in the blood, causing damage to these cells, and nerves of the body as it is constantly facing large amounts of sugar Glucose.You cannot control diabetes or avoid it by following healthy eating habits and healthy diet in life. Food is the natural medicine that is used to treat diabetes.


Foods avoid diabetes
Foods avoid diabetes

We offer you the most important foods avoid diabetes:


1- Apple:

– Apple is one of the foods avoid diabetes that many

studies have shown that foods containing high levels of

chrysalises protect against cardiovascular disease, as

well  as 20% diabetes and apple, the most important of

foods avoid diabetes such as onions, tomatoes, dark leafy vegetables and wild berries.


2- Cinnamon:

-Cinnamon is one of the foods avoid diabetes that doctors say that taking cinnamon on a daily

basis can make the cells of the body sensitive to insulin interaction and help stabilize blood sugar.


3- Acidic fruits:

– Acidic fruits are from the foods avoid diabetes do not have high calories that research

has found that diabetics suffer from a decrease in vitamin C in the blood, which reduces

the antibodies in the blood so it is important to eat acidic fruits as snacks during work or when

you feel hungry before the main meal is also a fruit helps to burn fat in the body.



– Fish of various kinds, especially the roast are from the foods avoid diabetes.The chances

of infection with cardiovascular disease (Heart disease) especially high in people with

diabetes so it is important to eat healthy fats such as omega-3, which are present in fish,

especially salmon, sardines, and mackerel. They help reduce cholesterol and maintain brain

foods avoid diabetes
foods avoid diabetes



5- Foods rich in fiber:

– Foods rich in fiber are the most important in foods avoid

diabetes that studies have shown that those who eat

between 25 to 50 grams of fiber-rich foods daily

improve their blood sugar and there are a lot of foods rich in fiber

such as vegetables, fruits, brown rice, bread, cereals, and broccoli.


6- Legumes:

-Legumes chickpeas and beans are the most important in foods

avoid diabetes that it known to everyone but what you do not

know is  that by adding these qualities to the salad or soup they

reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and reduce blood

glucose and it reduces the feeling of hunger.



– Green tea is one of the foods avoid diabetes that it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

improves the body’s absorption of sugar and gives you the strength to fight inflammation.


8- Vegetables rich in dietary fiber:

– These types of vegetables contain lutein and carotenoids are from the foods avoid diabetes.

These substances are good for the eyes, especially for those with diabetes,

which causes many eye problems, especially impaired vision and blue water. They also

contain calcium, vitamin B, calcium, iron.


9-Dark Chocolate:

– Dark Chocolate is from the foods avoid diabetes that studies have found that dark chocolate

enhances the absorption of insulin cells, reduces blood pressure, reduces cholesterol and

improves blood vessel function, but should not be over-taken because it contains lots of fat and calories.


10- Yogurt:

– Yogurt is from the foods avoid diabetes because it contains a lot of protein and calcium

beneficial to the body and it reduces the resistance of cells to insulin and you can take it

as a snack between basic meals, but it is important to be skimmed.


11- Eat olive oil, sorghum, onion, garlic, and lemon.

Foods avoid diabetes
Foods avoid diabetes


12-Apple cider vinegar burns fat activates

antioxidants in the body.


Prevention is the first step that helps to keep diabetes

away, reduce its serious complications of diabetic foot,

slow wound healing, and exposure to body tissues and nerves.

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