Fat burning supplements

Fat burning supplements

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Fat burning supplements

Fat burning supplements
Fat burning supplements

The battle with excess body fat continues for a long time, and we note that the high rate of obesity in many countries has become a serious problem; it seems that with the development comes laziness! Now you can do most of what you want while you’re sitting at home by taking fat burning supplements. The traffic has dropped dramatically and fast food has increased.

But with the development of the fat burning supplements industry, very effective compounds and fat burning supplements have been developed to help fight fat, but relying on these fat burning supplements alone will not give you the results you want. The use of fat burning supplements should be accompanied by a training schedule and a special diet to get for satisfactory results; fat burning supplements support the fat burning process and do not create it.

Athletes depend on traditional diet and exercise, and unlike commercial supplements, there are some natural fat burning supplements that work well on fat and excess calories, and the following is a list of those supplements:

1- Pyruvate:

If you want to burn fat quickly during exercise, this fat burning supplements are  appropriate for you, and these supplements help to maintain a constant density in the exercise to burn fat even when low intensity, and with the use of this supplement must be sure to drink plenty of water or sports drinks, And can be taken at the rate of one gram per 10 pounds of body weight, provided that does not exceed 30 grams.

2- Green Tea:

It contains natural antioxidant and caffeine, and green tea is excellent fat burning supplements, especially when doing aerobic exercises, as it helps to speed up your metabolism and help you focus mentally on training.
The cup of green tea should range from 250 to 500 mg daily.


3- Creatine:

If you are trying to lose fat, you can rely on creatine L that are from fat burning supplements, which will be a great addition to weight loss, helping to get the body muscles, and burning fat at the same time.


Fat burning supplements
Fat burning supplements

4- Sesame oil supplement:

It is one of fat burning supplements that work to support the liver and maintain the health of the kidney and maintain the features of healthy fats.


5- Linoleic Acid :

It is one of fat burning supplements that the fat stored in the body is used as fuel and promotes recovery with intense exercise. In addition to developing a healthy immune system.


Fat burning supplements contain special ingredients to support fat burning, among them the most famous: caffeine, synephrine, iodine, herbal extracts, and other compounds.

These and other components work via:
– Increase Thermogenesis (increase the temperature of the body).
– Increase energy production, especially of stored fat.
– Curbing appetite.
– Improve and support thyroid functions and metabolic processes.


fat Burning supplements
fat Burning supplements

Although there are many common ingredients and positive and negative effects in fat burning supplements, two products should not be taken at the same time to try to gain benefits from the two, as this will most likely increase the side effects rather than the positive ones.

All fat burning supplements should not be taken before sleep for 6 hours to avoid insomnia and sleep problems


Stop using fat Burning supplements  and call your doctor immediately in the following situations:
Pain in the chest.
Dizziness, headache, nausea, constipation and difficulty breathing.

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