Best Vitamins Memory

Best Vitamins Memory
Best Vitamins Memory

The human’s brain works around the clock (along the time) controlling thoughts, movements, breathing, the number of heartbeats, the senses, and so on. This means that it needs the best vitamins memory and constant energy, which it gets through food, so food directly affects the brain. Eating healthy, high-quality foods containing high amounts of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants nourish the brain and protect it from free radicals that destroy cells.

Vitamin deficiencies were suffered from many people because taking a suitable quantity os the best vitamins memory is considered the key of the good memory  So you should learn what foods and best vitamins memory that can enhance (boost) your memory.

So if you have memory problems, it is likely due to the lack of sufficient nutrients to the brain which it needs to work well, that the lack of essential vitamins have-not effects on the memory only also effects on concentration, learning and thinking clearly and generally.

Your mind needs all kinds of vitamins to do its function in a good way but there are some the best vitamins memory to improve and keep it

Best Vitamins Memory
Best Vitamins Memory

Vitamin B

Is the one of the best vitamins memory that it helps to prevent the loss of memory, the aging of the brain, keep away the depression and helps you live longer.

So vitamin B is called Vitamin of Happiness or Vitamins of anti-depression also it can improve your mood and resist the feeling of tiredness that vitamin B play the important role in the brain’s health in producing the neurotransmitters that are vital to the good state of mind.

There are found three Vitamin B compounds make to improve the memory for a long time. Where it found a study at Oxford University taking vitamin B, B12 and folic acid worked together to prevent and reduce the chances of brain’s atrophy, improvement of its functions, and brain shrinkage of brain cells significantly reduced in the most affected part of Alzheimer’s disease. The results of this study are so promising that some experts hope to use vitamin B as an effective and inexpensive therapy for Alzheimer’s disease so vitamin B is the best vitamin memory.

The best vitamin memory in foods especially vitamin B is in leafy vegetables, legumes, fruits, eggs, fish, meat, dairy products, bananas, potatoes, and peas.

Vitamin C:

Is the one of the best vitamin memory and is the most popular in taking to prevent or reduce the symptoms of Cold and allergies (sensitivity). Vitamin C has positive effects on brain’s health that this point many people not know it and can be used to improve memory.


According to Jean Carper’s study that says vitamin C supplements can improve IQ and memory rate, and other mental functions.

Also, Vitamin C works to increase the neurotransmitter serotonin (the happiness molecule) so

Best Vitamins Memory
Best Vitamins Memory

it is a natural antidepressant so its consider from the one of the best vitamin memory.


Vitamin C protects against aging of the brain including dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and strokes.

In particular, the brain is susceptible to damage due to the high use of oxygen but vitamin C can resist this risk because it is one of the most important and the strongest antioxidant vitamins.

So smokers need to take vitamin C because it reduces stress hormone.

The best nutritional sources of vitamin C:

Citrus, all fruits and all kinds of berries, pineapples, all kinds of peppers, tomatoes, and leafy vegetables.


Vitamin H:

is the one of the best vitamin memory that vitamin H taking it with vitamin C helps to keep memory’s health, slowing memory loss, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 60%., and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

The best sources of vitamin H:

Seeds, nuts, avocados, olive oil, shrimp and leafy vegetables.

Best vitamins memory
Best vitamins memory



Vitamin D:

Is the one of the best vitamin memory that has effects on the brain at all ages.

Adults can get enough of vitamin D works off cognitive decline, dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Also, vitamin D helps to improve intelligence and memory and increase the ability to solve problems.

The best sources of vitamin D:

Daily exposure to sunlight for up to 15 minutes.


Vitamin K:

Many people not known the importance of vitamin k It is the one of the best vitamin memory,

in addition to it has the main role in blood clotting, it helps maintain the mind and enhances

the speed of brain function.

Vitamin K is the one of the best vitamins memory that it improves your ability to remember

words which are a big problem for us as you age and it protects you against Alzheimer’s disease.

The best sources of Vitamin K:

Vegetables with dark leaves, and cauliflower.

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