Best Energy Supplement

Best energy supplement is a term known in the world of athletes in general and especially for bodybuilders so that these supplements are taken to improve athletic performance and accelerate the restoration of muscular tissue and recovery later… Many things must be taken into account before buying best energy supplement especially you will not need it forever (all the time) and most likely will not be able to buy them all in addition to the impact of your goal of exercise and level of intensity and the name and quality of the product at your choice of the best of them.


*Positives of best energy supplement:

 Best energy supplement
Best energy supplement

1-Increase energy during exercise performance.

2- Delay the occurrence of fatigue and exhaustion.

3- Increases durability (endurance).

4- Build muscle faster for bodybuilders.


* The negatives (side effects)of best energy supplement:

Depends on ingredients found in the composition of the product that it contains caffeine, for example, may cause accelerated heart rate and anxiety at night.


Best energy Supplement  is divided based on how they work:

*Energy-enhancing supplements

*Nutrient supplements during exercise

Supplementation exercises are often combinations of several components and different effects to give the best results… so here we will summarize the most famous components used in the preparation of the best energy supplement:

1- Arginine:

– is one of the components used in the preparation of the best energy supplement and one

of the amino acids that the body needs from food only when the body cannot produce enough

of it inside the body and has received great attention because of its potential impact on

the production of growth hormone and the production of nitric oxide which works to expand

the arteries (arterial dilating) and improve blood flow.

 *Positives of Arginine:

– Improves strength, endurance and reduce exhaustion, as well as shortens recovery time

for muscles after training by improving blood delivery (as nutrients and oxygen), regulation

of hormone secretion and blood pressure.

*Negatives of Arginine:

 Best energy supplement
Best energy supplement

– The consumption of five grams as the best energy supplement is safe for most people and does not cause any side effects, but may cause others to nausea, diarrhea, bowel disorders, low blood pressure and allergic symptoms.

2- Beta-Alanine:

– is one of the components used in the preparation of the best energy supplement that it is amino acid is not essential, which means that the body manufactures its needs and has multiple functions in the body.

*Positives of Beta-Alanine:

The ability to improve the performance of anaerobic exercises (perform exercises strongly

for a short time) and increase the strength and muscle mass and the ability of aerobic and

anaerobic endurance and delay causes the exhaustion.

*Negatives of Beta-Alanine:

Based on the results of a study that was found to be safe when used for a period of more

than 12 weeks and it has no a side effect.

3- Taurine:

Best Energy Supplement
Best Energy Supplement

Is one of the components used in the preparation of the best energy supplement that it is amino acid is not essential, that it has an effective role in supporting nerve function and helps in regulating water levels and minerals in the body.

*Positives of Taurine:

-It improves athletic performance and mental concentration, especially if it is combined with caffeine and the ability to carry the muscle from one to three grams to give its benefits.

*Negatives of Taurine:

– The use of it to the extent of 3000m per day is safe and any excess thereof is discharged by the kidney and the researchers are still looking for its side effects.


– is one of the components used in the preparation of the best energy supplement that it is white

and crystalline chemical compound those found in coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate and some medicines.

*Positives of Caffeine:

-It was found in the best energy supplement that has an effect on increasing the energy and speeds up fat burning (accelerating fat burning).

*Negatives of Caffeine:

-The use of caffeine is not documented in moderation but when used in doses greater

than 15 grams of body weight can result from high blood pressure, insomnia, stomach upset,

bowel and nervous disorders that it increased urinary incontinence (diuresis) and therefore

the athlete is exposed to dehydration (dryness) and lack of calcium (hypocalcemia) prefer

not to use it at about the time of sleep.


Prevention is better than cure so “Be an athlete”

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