Herbal Tea .. Is it useful?

Herbal tea

Herbal Tea 

Is a drink made in the form of infusion or extraction is referred to as medicinal herbs, condiments, or any vegetable substances in hot water, and herbal tea usually does not contain caffeine.

Herbal tea can make your tissue cells from your body stronger & it contains a large number of minerals, iron & calcium.

Herbal tea

Tea is a Chinese term that was released on a shrub whose leaves are dried and fermented to prepare a refreshing drink called tea relative to this tree from which the drink was prepared

Different types of tea and its various varieties, there is black tea, which is subject to fermentation, green tea, white tea is the mildest tea.

Herbal tea has many stories and a long history going across the continents of the world as the official drink after the water favored by the majority of the public.

Despite known tea types, we must talk about herbal tea , it is a kind of flavored tea with one or more herbs to give benefit, taste, and a distinctive taste of tea that it is contained in bags packed with boiling water to get a cup of herbal tea , but some are prepared at home by adding some aromatic herbs .

It gives the tea a stronger taste and authentic flavor cannot be changed and must be mentioned after the varieties of it ready and its types can be prepared at home.


There are many types of  herbal tea : (We will show some of them in the next few lines):


1- Herbal Tea with Chamomile :  

Refreshing in summer and warm in the winter.

– Calms children/adults and helps to relax.

 – Helps to eliminate anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

– Works to calm a cough and respiratory diseases.  

– Helps to get rid of constipation and colic.                     

– Fights the inflammations.

– Makes the skin moist and pure and earns purity.


Herbal tea

2-Herbal tea  with Lemon : 

– Helps to improve mood and feelings.

 – Helps to get rid of body water.

– Drinks it after eating a full-fat meal that increases the speed of metabolism.                                                                


  3-Herbal tea with Cinnamon :

– Controlling blood sugar.

– Keeps the skin and make it fresh and bright, because it contains antioxidants.                

– It can be drunk by people who follow a diet.



Herbal tea

 4- Herbal tea with Ginger :

– It is known for its many benefits.

– Strengthening the immune system.

– It helps in the fat burning process also sweeten with honey to increase its benefits.                                                      


Herbal tea

5-Herbal tea with Mint  : 

A kind of calming the nerves and the digestive system.

– It gets rid of obesity after eating a full-fat meal.   




Herbal tea

 6- Herbal tea with Marjoram :

– It is advised for women who suffer from sacculation of ovaries and defect of hormones and of those who have an irregular menstrual cycle.

-Handles the dysfunction of glandular thyroid (thyroid ).                                                 

– Relieves Hypertension ( high blood pressure ).                                                                                       


7- Herbal tea with Roselle :

One of the best types of herbal tea in summer.               

Herbal tea

– Contains vitamins and minerals that will calm the nervous system.

– controls the level of blood pressure.

– Activates kidney function.

-Helps digestion.

– Increases the speed of metabolism.

– Gets rid of constipation.

– It is suitable for those who follow a diet.


Herbal tea

8- Herbal tea with Jasmine :

– It helps in burning fat and losing weight especially if added to green tea by activating the metabolism and increase the rates of burning in the body.

 – It regulates blood circulation.

-Drinking this herbal tea helps you to fight signs of aging.

–  Drinking this herbal tea protects you from cancer.


9- Herbal tea with Lavender :

Herbal tea

– It’s a type of relaxing tea.

 – Helps you to relieve muscle spasms ( myasthenia) especially neck cramps.         

– Improves your digestion.

– Helps you to relieve muscle tension.      


It is recommended that you drink it without sugar, in order to get its medicinal and therapeutic properties.


Benefits of Herbal Tea :

1-It helps to Calm the nerves and making the person more calm and far from nervous.

2-Take a cup of herbal tea before sleeping to get rid of insomnia and depression.

3-It help the digestive system to do its work.

4-It helps the stomach to get rid of indigestion from diseases such as diarrhea or constipation, and also expel gases and relax the abdomen.

5-It helps to resistant cancerous tumors that all types of herbal tea contain antioxidants which can constantly regenerate cells and prevent them from abnormal splits.

Herbal tea

6-It helps to rid the body of excess weight and maintain the ideal weight.

7-It helps to burn fat from the body and prevent its accumulation.

8-It helps in the healing of various pain that it spreads in the body.

9-It helps to pain relief menstrual cycle in women.

10-It helps to treat problems of the digestive system that resulting from Flu and Cough that only one cup of herbal tea can fight the virus.

11-It helps to strengthen the body’s immune system and make it more antibiotic to fight microbes and bacteria.

12-It protects the body from poor blood and anemia.

13-It contains antioxidants that prevent anti-aging and wrinkles.

14-It makes refresh to the skin.

15-It helps to strengthen the hair and prevent the bombing.

16-Treats acne due to much herbal tea contains vitamin A, known for its ability to fight pimples.

17-Makes bones to be strong and protect them from fragility.

18-Makes your tissue cells from your body stronger.

19-It is a remedy for nausea and vomiting.  It is useful for breaking down the fat in the digestive system,    which gives relief from nausea.

20-It contains properties that can be useful for the treatment of ulcers, wounds, wounds and healing sores.

US studies have shown that herbal tea contains a large number of minerals, iron, calcium, and silica. Iron content in tea helps to manufacture RBC for more energy. Calcium and silica are better for bones, hair, nails, and teeth.


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