Best Hair Growth Vitamins

Best Hair Growth Vitamins

Best Hair Growth Vitamins

With age, hair begins to fall and less intensity begins with women from the age of thirty and greatly increases at the age of sixty and also suffer men over time from hair loss may reach baldness, and there are certain factors which cause of hair loss, so in this article we will talk about the best hair growth vitamins.
although the hair is a protein,but it is dead, which its follicles and roots are still alive and then attention to them is a very important factor in the growth of hair and the most important elements that help you to maintain healthy hair are as follows: vitamins – iron proteins and the most effective and impact on growth Hair and health are vitamins you need to eat a suitable amount of vitamins to keep your hair , so the best hair growth vitamins are very important because there are basic materials for growth of hair that its presence in the body must be maintained at certain concentrations to give the desired effect.


Causes of hair loss:

best hair growth vitamins

Stress – Health status – Bad nutrition – Imbalance of thyroid hormone – Birth – Scalp inflammation – Use of harmful chemicals for hair.

Shortage of vitamins affect the general health of hair, and in some cases may lead to hair loss. Every vitamin has its own function that contributes to the health and growth of hair in a different way.


We will discover the best hair growth vitamins to ensure hair loss, stimulate growth, and improve the health and beauty of your hair:


Vitamin A:

Is a fat-soluble vitamin that is found naturally in a number of foods that is one of the best hair growth vitamins.
It works to moisten the scalp by stimulating hair follicles to produce lipids that keeping smoothness and moisturize (wetting) the hair and scalp. Vitamin A also regulates the production of Retinoic acid needed for hair growth.
It also contains anti-oxidants that work on moisturizing the scalp and prevent dry hair, and also has an important role in increasing the density of hair.
Vitamin A is available in liver, carrot, broccoli, sweet potato, pumpkin, egg, papaya, and mango


Vitamin B:

Is one of the best hair growth vitamins.
The body needs daily vitamin B in amounts up to 3000 micrograms.
Symptoms of vitamin B deficiency do not appear on the body directly but require years to store them in the liver and muscle, and therefore the lack of this element is dangerous to health in general and to hair in particular.
So it is one of the important and the best hair growth vitamins that it is available to promote

best hair growth vitamins

healthy hair growth, this is because it performs a number of important functions within the body, including stimulating growth and breathing of cells. It is a vitamin composed of several vitamins all found in the same foods.
It is available in meat, eggs, dairy, and seafood.



Vitamin B3:

Is one of the best hair growth vitamins that it is known as Niacin as it helps improve blood circulation and stimulate to hair follicles and scalp, leading to hair regeneration, and is, therefore, a key element in the growth of healthy hair. The body excreted enough vitamin B3, so most people do not need to take a dietary supplement of this vitamin.
It is available in chicken, beef, salmon, egg, avocado, dates, tomatoes, mushrooms, and nuts.


Vitamin B12:

Is one of the best hair growth vitamins.
It helps the body for Iron absorption because the iron deficiency in the body leads to hair loss.
It helps in the production of red blood cells, which are directly related to energy levels in the body, as well as stimulate appetite and overall growth. The body does not produce enough vitamin B12, so it should be taken in the form of dietary supplements.
It is available in calf liver, sardines, venison, salmon, scallops, and shrimp.


Vitamin C:

Is one of the best hair growth vitamins that it is essential for the development

best hair growth vitamins


of cells and tissues growth.

It is also very important for hair because it has the ability to treat dry hair efficiently.

Vitamin C deficiency weakens the hair follicle and makes it exposes to breakage, split and eventual fallout.
It is available in papaya, pepper, strawberry, and orange.


Vitamin E:

Is the one of the best hair growth vitamins and very important vitamin.
Its main function is to increase blood circulation in the scalp and stimulate the hair follicles leading to faster hair growth.

Vitamin E helps maintain a healthy immune system, which directly affects hair growth.

Also, it improves the general state of hair by maintaining moisture and increase hair moisturizing.
Vitamin E is available in sunflower seeds, almonds, olives, and papaya.


Vitamin H:

Is one of the best hair growth vitamins that it’s known as biotin, a vitamin that plays a vital role in maintaining healthy hair by stimulating cell growth and increasing metabolism.
It improves hair elasticity and size and its known It is known as vitamin hair growth because it has an excellent effect on hair growth, it handles hair damaged and works to increase its density.
It is difficult to obtain sufficient amounts of vitamin H from foods, so it is best to take it in the for

best hair growth vitamins                                                      

m of supplements.
Vitamin H is available eggs, almonds, walnut, bananas, and berries.



Vitamin D:

Is one of the best hair growth vitamins.
Hair loss causes hair loss and possibly alopecia. Some studies have shown that this vitamin is useful in creating new follicles leading to new hair growth.
Vitamin D is available from fatty fish, whale liver oil, mushrooms, and Sun.
Also can be obtained from dietary supplements and some hair care products.


So you must take the best hair vitamins along with correct nutrition for healthy hair

Best Hair Growth Vitamins
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